FIFA 20 Pack Prices

FIFA 20 Pack Prices are important to know as you try to build the best team possible in FIFA Ultimate Team. Opening packs in FIFA 20 can be an exciting but frustrating experience, and knowing just how much you have to spend for what you get will make sure you are smartly spending your FIFA coins and points.

FIFA 20 Pack Prices

packs are obtainable by purchasing them in the FIFA Ultimate Team store with coins or FIFA points, or completing objectives.

For standard packs, the prices in the store are as follows:

  • Bronze Pack - 400 coins
  • Premium Bronze Pack - 750 coins
  • Silver Pack - 2,500 coins or 50 FIFA points
  • Premium Silver Pack - 3,750 coins or 75 FIFA points
  • Gold Pack - 5,000 coins or 100 FIFA points
  • Premium Gold Pack - 7,500 coins or 150 FIFA points

A number of other specialized packs can also be found on the store, such as packs containing only Contracts, Consumables, Players, Upgrades, and specific Positions. A variety of pack can also be Jumbo which comes with 24 cards instead of the usual 12, costing double of the regular pack variety.

A full comprehensive list of FIFA 20 Pack prices that includes what contents the pack can include and possible rarity types of cards inside, you can visit this site.

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports