FIFA 20 Pre-Season Promotion Announced

EA Sports announced a new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promotion called Pre-Season
EA Sports announced a new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promotion called Pre-Season | Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 20 Pre-Season promotion was announced after fans had all but put the wraps on the Ultimate Team season.

Summer Heat, a new promotion to Ultimate Team in FIFA 20, replaced FUTTIES and fans were expecting that content drop to be the game's finale. Once the promotion ended, special cards were out of packs, SBCs began to expire and the final objective cards were released. It was a successful promotion after what was a rocky year for fans of the game mode.

Fans thought it was the last one, but EA Sports teased with another new promotion called Pre-Season.

FIFA 20 Pre-Season Promotion Announced

Pre-Season was announced July 24 with a loading screen stylized in FIFA 21 graphics. Immediately fans hoped that this new promotion would allow players to start early on their FIFA 21 Ultimate Team saves.

Since then, EA Sports also teased that Road to the Final cards were coming back in this promotion considering both the Europa League and Champions League campaigns must be completed. It would make sense if Pre-Season tied into FIFA 21 in some way, but specific details remain a mystery.

Possibly EA Sports will let players earn cards in FIFA 20 that will transfer over to FIFA 21. Or, perhaps this is just something to try and get fans excited for the next release. The latter would be a disappointment in the eyes of many, but Summer Heat was a success. If Pre-Season has any ties to FIFA 21 progression, it'll get fans back on the game.

FIFA 20 Pre-Season begins Wednesday, July 29.