FIFA 20 Scream Cards: When is Ultimate Scream This Year?

FIFA 20 Scream Cards, part of the expected upcoming Halloween themed Ultimate Scream event, should be the next promotional cards added to packs.

Ultimate Scream, as with most FIFA Ultimate Team promotions, features special cards added to packs, objectives and Squad Building Challenges. There's a slight caveat to these special cards as they aren't just stat boosted cards. In FIFA 19, Ultimate Scream cards shifted during the year to have two categories boosted to 90+ numbers.

For example, Sergio Busquests had ridiculous pace and passing at one point making him a beast CDM. Here's everything you need to know about FIFA 20 Scream Cards.

FIFA 20 Scream Cards: When is Ultimate Scream This Year?

As of writing, Ultimate Scream nor Scream Cards have a confirmed release date. Something to hang your hat on, although, is that the promotion came out the same time last year in FIFA 19.

Don't expect your traditional run of the mill players released either. Take a look at the players released last year and check how relevant they were on the market.

Hopefully, EA sports announces more information regarding Ultimate Scream in FIFA 20 this week.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports