FIFA 20 Season Objectives: How to Get Level 30

FIFA 20 season objectives are a new addition this year to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Seasons are a new way for players to earn rewards whether that's packs, customization items for your stadium or special players. Season 1 level 30 rewards players with a special player pick of Wilfried Zaha, Corentin Tolisso or Lucas Vazquez. Players are clamoring to hit 30 before the season ends in 25 days, as of writing.

Here's everything you need to know about Season Objectives in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Season Objectives: How to Get Level 30

Based on how objectives have been released so far this year, players can expect to get the same three daily objectives each day: buy a player, win a game and play two games. Completing all three objectives will earn a player 600 XP.

As of writing, if you complete the daily set each day, that'll net you 15,000 XP. That amount of XP might be the difference between level 29 and 30.

Additionally, there are new objectives released each Friday tiered bronze, silver and gold. These objective sets have offered the most XP so far. There are also Squad Battles, Rivals and more story challenges available.

Other than that, EA Sports hasn't shown much else in terms of objectives. Best bet is to complete as much of the weekly tiered objectives and each daily objective to get closer and closer to level 30.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports