FIFA 20 Squad Battles: When do You Get Rewards?

FIFA 20 Squad Battles is one element of the game's popular Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA Ultimate Team lets players create their own teams and take them to glory in a multitude of modes. Squad Battles is the highlight single player mode that lets players take on AI generated squads for rewards at the end of a weekly period.

There are ranks similar to the FUT Champions mode that reward accordingly. But when do you get your rewards? Here's everything you need to know.

FIFA 20 Squad Battles: When do You Get Rewards?

Players receive their weekly Squad Battles rewards every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

It might be some time before the rewards are added to your account following the end of a weekly competition, but it shouldn't be long at all if you're having issues. Of course, if you haven't received your rewards, make sure to contact EA's customer support.

Squad Battles is a simple mode that lets players build their squads without the hassle of coming up against superior opposition and teams in Division Rivals. It's also a simple way to generate coins weekly because of the rewards.

Photo courtesy of EA