FIFA 20 Ultimate Team was unveiled Tuesday with brand new features, Icons and the inclusion of a casual feature to the game's premiere mode.

House Rules, a casual mode first introduced in FIFA 19, lets players add custom rules to the game. The entire list of fan-favorite rule sets return from FIFA 19 Kick Off plus four brand new modes.

Here's everything you need to know about House Rules in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to Include House Rules

Here's a list of returning House Rules modes:

  • Survival Mode: A player is removed from a goal-scoring team
  • No Rules: Anything goes
  • Long Range: Goals scored outside the box count as two
  • First to...: A custom winning parameter set by players
  • Headers & Volleys: Only headers, volleys, free kicks and penalties count

Here's a list of new House Rules modes in FIFA 20, including two exclusive FUT 20 modes:

  • Mystery Ball: Changing at each stoppage in play, Mystery Ball gives the attacking side boosts to their passing, shooting, dribbling, speed or all attributes
  • King of the Hill: Fight for possession in a randomly generated zone on the pitch to boost the amount your next goal is worth
  • Max Chemistry: All players have maximum individual chemistry (FUT 20 Exclusive)
  • Swaps: Three players are randomly swapped from your team with the opposition (FUT 20 Exclusive)

EA Sports also revealed the full list of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Icons with nine more to be confirmed.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports