FIFA 21 Best Defenders: 5 Best Players Through December

Who are the Five Best Defenders currently in FIFA 21
Who are the Five Best Defenders currently in FIFA 21 / Photo by EA Sports/FIFA

Here are our picks for who we feel are the five best defenders currently in EA Sports' FIFA 21: Ultimate Team mode.

5 Best Defenders Through December In FIFA 21

1. Virgil Van Dijk

Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Van Dijk is without a doubt one of the best center-backs in football right now and his FIFA 21 counterpart certainly reflects that statement. Even the fastest of attackers will struggle to get past the Dutch wall as he is capable of breaking up attacks pretty much on his own, though I wouldn't advise you try that. He is the most expensive player on this list, but with a rating of 90 in Ultimate Team, that should hardly come as a surprise.

2. Raphael Varane

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Varane has been arguably one of the most consistent defenders in both the real world and in FIFA for a number of years. He has pretty good all around stats and is can be a serious threat in the air in-and-around the six yard box.

3. Ferland Mendy

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

If you have been playing a lot of Ultimate Team this year, then you have most likely seen Ferland Mendy pop up quite frequently. Being that he is easily one of the most overpowered players in all of FIFA 21 it should come as no surprise that he is on this list. Unfortunately he costs a pretty penny to acquire, but if you have a spare 70,000 coins in your back pocket, then get this man on your team.

4. Alphonso Davies

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And now we finally get into the more affordable options, starting with Alphonso Davies. The young Canadian left-back has been taking the football world by storm right now in both the real world and in FIFA 21. While his normal gold card is worth well below 10K in the transfer market, his stats are nothing to sneeze at, especially his insane 96 pace stat.

5. David Alaba

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Finally we have David Alaba. The second Bayern Munich player on this list, he too is quite the bargain in the Transfer Market. Alaba is the definition of a utility man as he can play pretty much anywhere in defense and can play as midfielder player, which is especially helpful in the late game where you might need to send one or two more players down the pitch to bag a goal or two.