5 Best Goal Songs In FIFA 21

Visionhaus/Getty Images

With the launch of FIFA 21 back in October we saw the developers over at EA Sports add a number of new collectables to their card packs and subsequently the Transfer Market hub, allowing players the chance to customize their teams, and by extent their own personal stadiums, in a way that they see fit. One of these new items are the Goal Songs.

As the name would suggest, these cards provide players with various audio tracks that will sound out across the pitch when that player's team scores a goal.

While there is quite an assortment of songs to choose from, like anything in life, there are those that stand out more than others for a variety of reasons. If you are looking to discover the best Goal Song for your team, or are struggling to pick from among your own assortment of tracks, then have no fear because we've got you covered. Below you will find our Top 5 picks for the best Goal Songs in FIFA 21.

5 Best Goal Songs In FIFA 21

1. Real Madrid Goal Song

A goal song that certainly fits Real Madrid's status as one of the best clubs in the world. The grand orchestral music accompanied by the fan's chanting of "Hala Madrid" makes every FIFA player feel like they are the best in the world.

2. AC Milan Goal Song

Sports fans across the world, especially in North America, will probably recognize this track. The AC Milan Goal Song is the epitome of a hype track as it really gets you into a celebratory mood. It is the kind of song that makes you want to get up and celebrate with your players on the pitch. Fair warning for those looking to acquire this particular track, as it is known to be extremely rare among the FIFA community.

3. Listen To Their No

This music in this track just screams goal celebration. The fast flow of the background mix goes long enough for you and your players to savor the moment of smashing a shot past the opposition's keeper.

4. Borussia Dortmund Goal Song

It is difficult to talk about anything to do with football celebrations without Borussia Dortmund finding their way into the mix. The music itself may be your bog-standard "we scored a point" type of music, but what makes it so great is the fan chanting that goes along with it. There is a reason why Dortmund arguably have some of the best fans in football.

5. Exit Sign

This goal song manages to convey quite a lot in its rather short rendition. The music itself does enough to get you and your players dancing in celebration of a goal while the lyrics give your opponent a rather subtle message about where they could be heading at the end of the match.