FIFA 21 Black Friday: 3 Things We Want

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 21 Black Friday is rapidly approaching as fans prepare for potentially the next Ultimate Team promotion.

We are coming down to the last few weeks here in 2020. While many people are getting ready for the holiday season, many gamers are eagerly anticipating the beginning of EA Sports' annual Black Friday sale in FIFA 21. Here is a rundown on the three things we hope to see this time around.

FIFA 21 Black Friday: 3 Things We Want To See

A Longer Event

It is still unclear as to how long this event will go on for, but most FIFA players will be hoping that the Black Friday event lasts at least until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend. When EA have run this in the past we have often had times where the event only lasts for a couple of days like in FIFA 15 when this first began. At other times the event has lasted from Black Friday all the way through to the Tuesday following Cyber Monday. In the case of FIFA, a longer window is always the preferred option as it will allow FIFA players more chances to try and get as many high value rewards as they possibly can before they disappear from FUT altogether.

More Lightning Rounds

Going hand-in-hand with the previous point is the option for more lighting rounds to occur over the duration of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales event. Lightning rounds are often seen as the most anticipated part of any major event on the FIFA calendar, and Black Friday is no exception to this.

With the chance to pack some of the rarest of cards currently available to players in FIFA 21, like the Best of TOTW selection, as well as the prospect of having reduced prices on FIFA points and cards in the FUT store, players old and new will no doubt be relishing the opportunity to reap the benefits. The addition of more lightning rounds would certainly allow players to take full advantage of the Black Friday deals.

Better SBC Rewards

Since their introduction way back in FIFA 17, SBCs have become a very popular among the FIFA community. The option to trade in players that you may not necessarily want for the chance to bag yourself a rare reward is more than tantalizing for the average gamer, especially when you don't have to spend a dime on them.

However sometimes during special in-game events like Black Friday, the rewards for all of a player's hard work can be less than sufficient. If EA was to make it so that players could receive much more worthwhile rewards instead of just the standard gold pack, then it might entice more players to want to participate in these limited-time SBCs.