FIFA 21 Black Friday: What to Expect

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 21 Black Friday is expected to be the next promotional event for Ultimate Team players following Road to the Final. Black Friday is one of the most exciting promotions for fans despite not having the most stellar promotional teams.

Here's everything you need to know about FIFA 21 Black Friday.

FIFA 21 Black Friday: What is it?

The FIFA 21 Black Friday event, which will most likely run Nov. 27-30, is something that has become a staple in the FIFA series for the past five years. Like many stores across the world, the FUT store will be subject to deals on both FIFA points as well as card packs for a limited time.

FIFA 21 Black Friday: What Can We Expect to see?

Lightning Rounds

As is customary with just about every major event that occurs in the FIFA calendar, players can most likely expect the inclusion of lightning rounds in the FUT Store. These are events where EA Sports post special promo packs in limited quantities in the FUT Store for around an hour at a time. Players will be scrambling to get ahold of as many packs as they can before the hour is up or they run out.

These packs tend to range from Mega Packs, Rare Player Packs, Jumbo Rare Player Packs, and the highly coveted Ultimate Packs.

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Flash Squad Building Challenges

FIFA players can also expect to see a series of flash SBCs to appear in the Squad Building Challenges section in Ultimate Team. Like with the lightning rounds, Flash SBCs will see a series of special Black Friday and Cyber Monday challenges appear in the SBC hub giving players a limited window complete them.

Best of Team of the Week

Alongside the flash SBCs and lightning rounds, players will also be treated to a relatively new segment in the FIFA calendar known as the Best of Team of the Week.

This is a promotional team where EA Sports takes a collection of the highest rated players from each of the previous TOTW squads, in this case weeks 1 - 8 and places them back into the FUT Store for players to get in card packs for a limited time.