FIFA 21 Elland Road: Historic Stadium Added to Game

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 21 received an update adding the historic Elland Road stadium to the game.

Elland Road is home to Leeds United, a club promoted to the Premier League this season. Just because the club was just promoted, doesn't mean it is a club lacking history. Leeds, based in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, was outside of England's top flight for 16 years between 2004 and 2020.

The club fell out of the Premier League amid a financial crisis that saw them drop as far as League One. After years of trying to get back to the Premier League, Leeds won the EFL Championship last season to earn promotion.

FIFA 21 Elland Road: Historic Stadium Added to Game

Leeds United fans will no longer need to play at the fictional Eastpoint Arena as Elland Road is now available in FIFA 21.

Unfortunately, the stadium hasn't been added yet to FIFA Ultimate Team and it's unknown when, or if at all, it will be. EA Sports put an emphasis on stadium creativity in FIFA Ultimate Team letting players design and customize their own personal grounds. In the past, fans would use Stadium cards acquired through packs, and that's still available in FIFA 21, but the customizable stadiums have changed the game.