FIFA 21 FUT Birthday Arturo Vidal Leaked

Internazionale v Atalanta Bergamo - Italian Serie A
Internazionale v Atalanta Bergamo - Italian Serie A / Soccrates Images/Getty Images

A FUT Birthday Arturo Vidal has been leaked for FIFA 21, according to multiple FUT leak sources. The card's rating has fluctuated between 88 at 90 rated depending on the leak. 

For the FIFA 21 FUT birthday promo, a new themed SBC player is released every day, and leakers suggest this is one of the upcoming cards to be put into FUT.

FUT Birthday Arturo Vidal Leak

According to EA SPORTS, the FUT Birthday player for Monday, March 29 is a player for Inter of the Serie A, so this is when many are assuming we may get a special Arturo Vidal card. The card would be celebrating FIFA 12, where Vidal was an 83-rated CDM for Juventus (now Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 21). 

Since there isn't confirmation of the FUT Birthday Vidal coming until possibly the day of, we can't assume that the leaked stats of the face card are 100% accurate. But one thing we do know is that he will have a boost in either weak foot or skills to five-star, or perhaps even both. This and all around stats boosts into the mid 80's will make him a end-game beast in the midfield.

Vidal has always been a popular player over the years in FUT, so it's likely that the leak is true, but only EA Sports can tell us on Monday.