FIFA 21 FUT Birthday Team 2 Leaked

FUT Birthday Team 2 has been leaked.
FUT Birthday Team 2 has been leaked. / Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS

Team 2 of the FIFA 21 FUT Birthday Promo has been leaked, according to multiple FUT leak sources. The team would release on April 2 at the conclusion of Team 1 being in packs.

Here's everything we know about the leaked players in FUT Birthday Team 2.

FUT Birthday Team 2 Leaked Squad

According to the leak above, the following players will be available in Team 2 of FUT Birthday:

  • Raheem Sterling: 92 Rated LW (five-star weak-foot)
  • Luka Modric: 91 Rated CM (five-star skills)
  • Paulinho: 90 Rated CM (five-star weak-foot)
  • Aouar: 89 Rated CM (five-star weak-foot)
  • Adama Traoré: 88 Rated ST (five-star weak-foot)
  • Can: 88 Rated CM (five-star weak-foot)
  • Atal: 87 Rated CM (five-star skills and weak-foot)
  • Choudberry: 87 Rated CDM (five-star weak-foot)
  • Bernardeschi: 87 Rated CAM (five-star skills and weak-foot)
  • Ryan Kent: 86 Rated RW (five-star skills and weak-foot)
  • Tomori: 86 Rated CB (five-star skills)

This team is certainly packed with some gems, including low-rated ones that have the rare set of a five-star, five-star. Modric, as predicted, would be a great CM alongside Flashback Toni Kroos, and English-based teams now have some great options in the attack and defense, led by a dynamic LW Sterling and one of the most notorious cards in FIFA History, Ryan Kent with a five-star, five-star. Kent will certainly be one of the most popular cards from this promo.

Aouar has a FUT Freeze card similar to this FUT Birthday Card, but the upgrade is a good one, and Atal and Adama up front provide for both physical and pacey attackers, who will be dangerous with their upgrades. Can and Paulinho also look like amazing center mids, with great all-around stats. Bernardeschi is another Piemonte Calcio midfielder with great links too. All around, Team 2 looks very promising if the leak is true, with many desirable players.

Team 2 is set to release April 2, so only EA can tell us now if the leak is true.