FIFA 21 FUT Player Days Announced, Starts March 8

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 21 FUT Player Days was announced March 8 releasing on the same day, one of the few times during a FIFA Ultimate Team title that a promotion starts on a Monday.

FUT Player Days looks to be similar to previous fan-centric events. These events should include things like 2-for-1 packs. FIFA community account FUT Watch posted a tweet of the game's code showcasing that the packs were added to the game. Two-for-one packs for Rare Players Packs, Jumbo Rare Players Packs and Ultimate Packs were added, according to FUT Watch's tweet.

FIFA 21 FUT Player Days Announced

Additionally, FUT Watch tweeted out an image of a new pack design which coincides with the color scheme EA Sports revealed.

It's interesting EA Sports decided to start this promotion on a Monday and during the FUT What If event. Usually, these types of promotions are saved for Fridays where lightning rounds frequently run during the weekend. It's unknown what type of additional content will be released alongside the 2-for-1 packs. Perhaps there will be a new promotional team or some menu content in SBCs or objectives for the event.

It's also unknown how long this event will run for.