FIFA 21 Icon Swaps: 3 Ways They Can Improve the Promotion

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps are set to be released sometime this month, however EA Sports has not yet revealed when this will occur or how exactly this iteration of the limited time event will play out. So with that in mind, here are three ways we feel EA could improve the Icon Swaps event.

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps: 3 Ways They Can Improve the Promotion

Here are three ways that EA Sports can improve his limited time event in FIFA 21:

  • Make Player Tokens Easier to Acquire
  • Make Sure the Objectives are Attainable for All Players
  • Talk more About it on Social Media

Make Player Tokens Easier to Acquire

Player Tokens are at the heart of the Icon Swaps event, and indeed the player swap function of Ultimate Team in general. However these cards can be a little bit hard to acquire if you don't know where to go to look for them. So if you are going to have an event that is focused around people being able to exchange these ridiculously rare tokens for a chance at acquiring an equally rare Icon, then you aren't going to have too much success in that regard. Therefore we think that for the Icon Swaps event that EA should make these Player Tokens much easier to obtain than they have in previous iterations.

Make Sure These Objectives Are Attainable for All Players

Following on from the previous suggestion, we feel that EA needs to ensure that these Icon Swap objectives are attainable for everyone, and not just the content creators or players who spend every waking hour playing Ultimate Team. Previous events, like the most recent Black Friday and especially the Icon SBCs, have been noticeably tailored to the more elite members of the FIFA community, players who can afford to hurl their wallets into the FUT Store in order to get all of the necessary high-value players. If EA was to tailor these objectives more toward the new FUT Friendlies playlist, then it would encourage the average joes among us to give this event a go.

Talk More About it on Social Media

As mentioned earlier, EA Sports has released next to no information regarding when the first wave of Icon Swaps will be released, nor has it mentioned how exactly this is going to work. If EA wants to get the most out of these types of limited time events, the company needs to promote it more. It needs to discuss why this promotion deserves hype and attention.