FIFA 21 Icon Swaps: 5 Players We Want to See Included First

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps are inbound.
FIFA 21 Icon Swaps are inbound. / Photo by EA Sports

The FIFA community has been buzzing with excitement lately with EA Sports teasing the imminent arrival of Icon Swaps to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here are the five players that we would like to see be included in the first wave of Icon Swaps.

5 Players We Want To See in The First Wave of Icon Swaps:

1. Diego Maradona

As the football world still mourns the passing of one of its greatest ever players, it would be all too fitting of EA to make Diego Maradona one of the focal points of the upcoming Icon Swaps. He is one of the most sought after players in FIFA, with his Transfer Market value being close to 2 million coins. With all of the tributes that EA have already done for the Argentinian talisman, his addition in Icon Swaps 1 would be most welcomed.

2. Claude Makelele

When N'Golo Kante burst onto the stage with Leicester and then again with both Chelsea and the French National Team, there was one man many pundits were always comparing him to, and that man was Claude Makelele. He was without a doubt one of the greatest midfielders to have graced the game in recent years. So if he gets added to the first wave of Icon Swaps, prepare for the FIFA frenzy to ensue.

3. Didier Drogba

In the olden days of FIFA Ultimate Team, the very sight of Drogba was enough to strike fear into the hearts of players and for good reason. His quick feet and laser point shooting made him a must have player for many years. It would make the most sense if EA Sports were to include a player as famous in the FIFA community as Didier Drogba in the upcoming Icon Swaps.

4. Nemanja Vidic

The only defender to make this list, Vidic was a monster at the back during his years with Manchester United and the same could be said of him in FIFA back in the day. With him being among the newest inductees into the FUT Icons gallery, and having recently been voted the best defender in the Premier League era, it would come as no surprise if EA decided to include Vidic in the first wave of Icon Swaps.

5. Hernan Crespo

Ever since Hernan Crespo was added back in to FIFA as a legend and then again as an Icon, many people have been scrambling to get the former Chelsea and Parma striker into their team. Seeing Crespo making it into the first wave of Icon Swaps in FIFA 21 wouldn't be too much of a surprise.