FIFA 21 Road To The Final Team 3 Announced

Will Salah, Griezmann, and Oblak see their stats get upgraded in the third wave of RTTF cards?
Will Salah, Griezmann, and Oblak see their stats get upgraded in the third wave of RTTF cards? / Photo by EA Sports/FIFA

It looks like EA Sports are releasing one more round of Road to the Final cards for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here is what we can expect to see this time around.

EA Sports announced in the FUT Freeze post that a third RTTF team is coming to Ultimate Team.

Following the conclusion to the group stage of both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League group stages last week, EA have seen fit to promote a new set of RTTF cards in celebration of the teams that made into the last 16 of the Champions League.

FIFA 21 Road To The Final 3 Team Announced

The Road To The Final cards (RTTF) are a set of players EA Sports have chosen from each of the teams participating in this year's UEFA Champions League competition. Much like the Ones To Watch cards, the players that receive one of these cards will have their stats increase for everything they do for their team as the tournament progresses. So as you can imagine the player that sees their team make to the final will have the highest stat increase of the rest of them.

What Can Expect This Time?

EA Sports have been going at it with the promotion of the RTTF cards this season, having already released two sets of them during the group stage, and now with 16 teams remaining in the Champions League we can expect a lot of big things to come from this third batch.

For one we will see a number of the previous RTTF players, like Mohamed Salah and Antoine Griezmann, receive their first upgrades of the season following their teams' progressions into the last 16. We may also see players that we're previously overlooked for one of these cards receive their dues this time around.

We can also expect their to be a few new Europa League RTTF cards as well, with the likes of Manchester United and Ajax dropping into the Round of 32 following their less than stellar performances in the Champions League group stages.

When Will These Be Released?

EA Sports have yet to confirm when exactly these cards will be made available, though we can speculate that the RTTF cards and respective SBC challenges will go live sometime later this week. The most likely time would be alongside the upcoming Team of The Week that will be released on Wednesday.

As for which players will be making the cut this time around, we will have to wait until EA Sports releases them. Until then FIFA fans can look forward to spending more time in the FUT Store and SBCs tab when the third wave of RTTF cards come out.