FIFA 21 Road to the Final Europa League Cards Confirmed for Nov. 10

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 21 Road to the Final Europa League cards are coming Nov. 10, four days after the Champions League live items were added to the game.

Road to the Final is in its third iteration in FIFA Ultimate Team. The promotion celebrates Europe's two biggest competitions: the Champions and Europa Leagues. Top clubs from around the world compete in group and knockout stages in addition to their domestic leagues. Road to the Final cards are live items that upgrade as teams progress through the competition.

They are some of the most popular items in the game considering they aren't directly tied to a specific player's performances like Ones to Watch and Headliners.

FIFA 21 Road to the Final Europa League Cards Confirmed for Nov. 10

The two players teased so far are a CDM with 86 physical and a Portuguese player with 83 pace.

Not much information, but some expect the big clubs like Leicester City, AC Milan, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur to receive a player item. Perhaps the CDM is Granit Xhaka creating partnership with Thomas Partey's Ones to Watch item.

There will also be a second Champions League team released Nov. 14. It's unknown if there will be a second Europa League team.

Investing in these cards is tricky because they fluctuate based on a team's performance in the tournament. A card like Marcus Rashford's RTTF will be 1.5 million coins because it's a meta item, but if Manchester United is eliminated from the tournament it will tank. Be wary when spending coins on these cards.