FIFA 21 Team of the Year: 5 Things We Want

Photo by EA Sports/FIFA

FIFA 21 Team of the Year is fast approaching us, as many fans are eagerly casting their ballots in anticipation for the biggest event in the FIFA calendar. Here are 5 things we want to see take place during the FIFA 21 Team of the Year event.

FIFA 21 Team of the Year: 5 Things We Want

Here is a brief list of the five things we want to see during the upcoming Team of the Year event:

  • Lightning Rounds.
  • Plenty of 100K Packs.
  • More Forgiving SBCs.
  • TOTY Themed Objectives.
  • TOTY Themed FUT Friendlies Playlist.

If there were ever two things that went together like peanut butter and jelly in FIFA it would be Team of the Year and Lightning Rounds. Many of the most exciting moments to have graced YouTube from the FIFA community have come during the lightning rounds that always occur at some point during the TOTY event. Hopefully this year will not be an exception to the formula.

We have also seen EA Sports taking a keen interest in utilizing the Objectives tab, and subsequently the FUT Friendlies playlists, for many of their events this season. Hopefully they will be generous enough to give all players a chance to earn the all-important 12th member of the TOTY through this method much like with the Icon Swaps and League Player cards. If not, then perhaps EA would consider creating a slightly more forgiving SBC challenge in order to acquire whoever the 12th player happens to be this year.

We cannot wait for this event to get underway and we will be with you for it every step of the way.