FIFA 21 Team of The Year Wishlist

FIFA 21 Team of The Year is almost upon us and we cannot wait for it to get started. However, there are a few things that we really want to see happen in this upcoming installment of EA Sports' biggest event in the FIFA calendar.

FIFA 21 Team of The Year Wishlist

  • More Frequent Lightning Rounds
  • Worthwhile Objectives
  • Tie In FUT Friendlies
  • Easier SBCs

You can no doubt see a trend in the kinds of stuff we want to see happen with TOTY in FIFA 21, and that is not without reason. There have been too many times this season where it feels like the event themed objectives just haven't been worth doing. Most of the rewards end up being packs that are too low leveled to possibly give you a chance at a super rare player or it will be for a special player that no one really asked for. It also really doesn't help when some of these rewards end up being Untradeable so you are basically stuck with things you probably don't want. Hopefully with TOTY rolling around EA can find a way to create objectives that actually give FIFA players a sense of accomplishment.

We have touched on this topic a few times in the past, but more lightning frequent lightning rounds and much more player-friendly SBCs are always positives for the average FIFA player. Since there will undoubtedly be a 12th player in the TOTY event this year, as has been the case in the last few iterations of the promotion, we hope that maybe this time EA will consider making this particular card a little bit easier to obtain than some of their other event-themed SBCs. We aren't saying that there shouldn't be some air of difficulty to them, after all this is the biggest event in the FIFA calendar, but if they could find a way to make the lives of FIFA players a little bit easier during this event then EA will certainly be met with widespread applause. If not through SBCs, then perhaps they could find a way to tie in the 12th player with the ever-present FUT Friendlies playlists, which have become somewhat of a safe haven for FIFA players these days.

Whether EA Sports decide to implement any of these things into the Team of The Year promotion remains to be seen. But for now we will all be eagerly awaiting the start of what will hopefully be another action packed Team of The Year celebration.