FIFA 21 TOTY Gets Off to Rocky Start

TOTY is off to a bad start in the eyes of the community.
TOTY is off to a bad start in the eyes of the community. | Photo by EA Sports/FIFA

Team of The Year has arrived in FIFA 21 and players cannot contain their excitement over this great promotion, or at least that is what EA Sports would like them to say. Here is a run-down on why we think that TOTY has been such a disaster so far.

It would be far from an understatement to say that TOTY has not gotten off to the best start amongst the general FIFA community. From the bizarre ratings of some players, to the less than substantial pack rewards for completing the TOTY themed SBCs, to the even more ridiculously expensive Ribéry Flashback card, it is safe to say that many in the community are not happy right now.

Reasons Why TOTY Has Been Bad So Far

  1. Bad SBC rewards
  2. Nonsensical Ratings
  3. Packs Being Stacked Against Players.

Since SBCs were added into FIFA they have become a focal point for many of these events, but that does not seem to be the case with TOTY. The challenges they have put forth thus far have nothing short of daylight robbery, as has been the case with many of the promotions this season. From offering a lot of low value packs as rewards for completing the TOTY themed challenges to listing new kit items alongside them, it feels as though EA are publically spitting in the face of their community. Then there is the Ribéry SBC, which we will save for another discussion in an attempt to keep this civil.

A main topic of debate amongst the FIFA community thus far, in regards to TOTY, are the player ratings themselves. Despite his numerous accomplishments for Bayern Munich last year, EA Sports decided not to bestow Robert Lewandowski with his much deserved 99-rated card as has typically been the tradition for the player that is voted as the best in the world for a given season and/or year, but that has seemingly not been the worst of it. With the release of the Midfielders section of the TOTY happening mere moments ago, the community was sent into an uproar upon realizing that the man who was arguably the best midfielder in the world last season, Joshua Kimmich, was given the lowest rating of the three players. We don't know what this means for the remaining players in the squad who's ratings have yet to be revealed, but if things continue in this light then there could be further outrage on the horizon.

Lastly we have, of course, the packs themselves. Typically when TOTY or a similar such event comes out the packs. Naturally given the rarity of these players it is allowed to be difficult for people to acquire one of these cards. However, when there is seemingly an overabundance of players in FIFA nowadays that constitute being a rare card, it becomes even more of a challenge for gamers to figure out whether they have indeed gotten one in a pack or not. The 100k and Ultimate Packs which usually tend to be the much needed life line for FIFA players have proven to be anything but that at the moment.

Ultimately if this event has shown us anything, it is that if you are a big name FIFA content creator or just have the money to through into the ring, then getting a TOTY is relatively straight forward. For the rest of the community it has become an unyielding nightmare trying to get ahold of one of these highly coveted cards. Hopefully EA Sports decide to lend the average joes a helping hand, but we won't be holding our breath on that.