FIFA 21 What if Promotion Apparently Leaked Ahead of Release

Photo by FutSpy

A new FIFA Ultimate Team promotion called What if was apparently leaked in the Xbox Store following rumors regarding the promotion.

Promotions are some of the most popular parts of FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports releases multiple events throughout the course of a game cycle releasing special items. These items are released in packs, as completable SBCs and objectives. Some of the most popular promotions in the game include Team of the Year, Team of the Season and Future Stars.

A new promotion called What if is apparently the next promotion in line after an image was leaked on the Xbox Store.

FIFA 21 What if Promotion Apparently Leaked Ahead of Release

FIFA content creator FutSpy tweeted out an image of the Xbox Store showing a promotional image for FUT What if.

The details of the promotion remain unknown, but it's assumed it will revolve around unprecedented cards in Ultimate Team. We might see cards like goalkeepers in the midfield, strikers in goal and the like.

Fans expected the next FIFA Ultimate Team promotion to be Winter Refresh based on previous FUT years. It seems EA Sports has put that promotion on the backburner in favor of What if. This promotion, if released, would be the third new promotion so far in FIFA 21 following Rulebreakers and Freeze.