FIFA 22 85 x5 Upgrade: How to Complete

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 85 x5 Upgrade released Aug. 12 as yet another upgrade SBC to complete during the annual FUTTIES promotion.

EA Sports has released a plethora of upgrade packs through the SBC section of FIFA Ultimate Team during FUTTIES. Coupled with each 'Best of' batch released, this is one of the best times to pack promotional items players might've missed on earlier in the cycle. The 85 x10 Upgrade has been one of the most popular releases in FUTTIES, but now there's a bite-sized version to complete for lesser requirements.

FIFA 22 85 x5 Upgrade: How to Complete

Here's how to complete the FIFA 22 85 x5 Upgrade SBC:

  • One Segment
  • Team of the Week or Team of the Season Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: 84
  • Team Chemistry: 55
  • # of Players in the Squad: 11

Since this is half of what players would get for an 85 x10 Upgrade pack, the requirements were lowered. As well, this is a limited-repeatable SBC so it will re-up later during the promotion. Players can opt to use some of their unwanted fodder from Summer Swaps 2 packs into this SBC. Others might wait for a bigger SBC pack to be released in the final days of FUTTIES.