FIFA 22: Abedi Pele FUT Hero Captains Card Apparently Leaked

Abedi Pele
Abedi Pele / Simon Bruty/GettyImages

New FUT Hero Captains cards will be releasing in FIFA 22 this Friday, April 15, along with Team 2 of FUT Captains. Tim Cahill's FUT Hero Captains card has already been leaked to arrive, and a new FUT Hero Captain has been leaked too for Abedi Pelé.

According to FutSheriff on Twitter, Pelé's FUT Hero Captains card is coming to FIFA 22, and it will likely arrive in packs on Friday. His FUT Hero card that released earlier in FIFA 22 was a very popular choice among players, both for his stats and Ligue 1 strong chemistry links. The following are his leaked official stats:

  • Pace: 96
  • Shooting: 90
  • Passing: 93
  • Dribbling: 96
  • Defending: 60
  • Physical: 72

Pelé's upgraded FUT Hero Captain card is a whopping +5 upgrade on his initial card released earlier in FIFA 22. If this card does release on Apr. 15, it will likely be one of the more expensive cards in the game. His stats look massively boosted compared to the base FUT Hero card, and with the strong links to players like Kyllian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Neymar, he will make the meta squads even better in FUT with a new top player and good chemistry links.