FIFA 22: All Cross-Platform Eligible Systems Detailed

Image courtesy of EA Sports

In brand new Pitch Notes EA has released online regarding FIFA 22, one of the biggest reveals is a brand new cross-platform play test made available in certain game modes. FIFA 22 up until this point has not been cross-platform or even cross-generation. Players have only had access to other players on the same console and generation. Because this is just a test however, cross-platform play will not be available for all platforms or modes.

FIFA 22 Cross-Platform Eligible Consoles

According to EA, FIFA 22's cross-platform test will exclusively be open to users on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Stadia versions of the game.

Additionally, as of now, cross-play will only be available in the Online Seasons and Online Friendlies modes of the game. This is being done on such a limited scale so as to prevent a large crop of new issues popping up throughout the other game modes while the kinks are ironed out. Hopefully players on older generations of consoles will have access to cross-platform matchmaking soon, as well as it being introduced to the rest of the game modes in FIFA 22.