FIFA 22 Bans Issued by EA Sports to Those Who Used No-Loss Glitch in FUT Champions

Photo by EA Sports

EA Sports issued over 30,000 bans to active FIFA 22 accounts late Oct. 19 after they were found to exploit a no-loss glitch in the FUT Champions Finals from Oct. 15-17.

The FUT Champions Finals is the premier competition each weekend in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players have to earn qualification each week through a play-off system. After qualifying, they are given 20 matches for the following Friday through Sunday to earn as many points as possible. There was a no-loss glitch found by players during the Oct. 15-17 Finals and a number of players abused the exploit to avoid losing games.

FIFA 22 Bans Issued by EA Sports to Those Who Used No-Loss Glitch

EA Sports was relatively quick to hotfix the glitch, and then notified the community it was identifying players that used the exploit. On Oct. 19, EA Sports issued bans to those who were caught using it.

"We have identified over 30,000 active accounts that exploited this issue consistently and have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for seven days, preventing them from participating in this week's FUT Champions Finals," EA Sports said.

EA Sports were lenient with this year's new FUT Champions format cutting the amount of games by 10 and adding progression when losing. Players earn four points for a win, and one point for a loss. Even if a player goes 0-20, they still earn decent rewards. Still, some members of the community wanted to use the exploit to avoid losses.