FIFA 22 Bundesliga TOTS: When Does it Go Live?

Image courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 22's TOTS promo is well under way, and while the Premier League and EFL TOTS squads are currently in packs, new leagues are entering and exiting packs twice a week.

The Bundesliga TOTS squad is a highly anticipated one with players like Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland sure to be the highlights. Fortunately, the Bundesliga is the next league to be featured in the TOTS promo. Here's when that squad will be coming to packs.

FIFA 22 Bundesliga TOTS: When Does it Go Live?

The Bundesliga TOTS squad will be replace the Premier League one in packs very soon. Given that Premier League TOTS players entered packs on Friday May 6, Bundesliga TOTS players will enter packs one week later on Friday May 13.

Like the Premier League and Community TOTS squads, the Bundesliga will likely be the biggest prize available for players in FUT Champions rewards this weekend. If you have a Bundesliga squad you're looking to upgrade with TOTS players, you better prepare yourself for another sweaty weekend of games. The Bundesliga TOTS players will remain in packs until May 20, where they will be replaced by LaLiga.

You can find the whole TOTS release schedule here.