FIFA 22 Coin Trading Methods Explained

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 offers a lot of opportunities for coin traders to make a ton of profit in a market that is unlike anything we have ever seen.

With prices being as low as ever in the start of a new FIFA, a ton of coins can be made in the sniping side of the Ultimate Team Transfer Market.

FIFA 22 Coin Trading Methods Explained

In the video above, LE96z goes over some of his own Coin Trading Methods that have helped out a ton of people in the FUT community over the past couple of years.

SBC Trading

SBC trading methods involve seeing what new SBC's are released everyday and building a method around what the requirements are.

For example, if you notice an SBC come out that needs to have Ligue 1 Silver players, than the method you build would revolve around buying Ligue 1 silvers for cheap and selling them high.

As simple as they may seem, SBC trading is very difficult because it is one of the more popular methods. With that, comes a ton of players doing this making the filters you produce become very crowded.

If you are able to master this method, than a ton of coins can be made for your budget and profit.

Specialized Filters

Making specific filters around players, consumables, or managers can be very profitable.

An example of this is the French Bundesliga filter. For this you would want to take a look at French players in the Bundesliga and take note of their prices.

Since their is a lot of them, this makes it so that each player might have different levels of popularity. With that, there is a lot of room to be filled, so opportunities to grab snipes are very easily accessible.

From my experience, you can make hundreds of thousands of coins a week just by using Specialized Filters. It is the preferred method for myself.