FIFA 22: Don't Stop Until You're 99 Promotion Information

EA Sports

FIFA 22 Don't Stop Until You're 99 promotion information was detailed by EA Sports as fans await what appears to be an Adidas sponsored event. The first card was revealed as well during the FIFA 22 Global Series.

The first card revealed is a 99 paced Gio Reyna from Borussia Dortmund.

FIFA 22: Don't Stop Until You're 99 Promotion Information

Set to be released on Nov. 21st, this new promotion will see selected FIFA 22 cards receive boosts on one of the front-facing stats until it reaches a max of 99.

We have yet to be told how long the full upgrade will take to reach 99.

The first example we have is of Gio Reyna. Reyna will be receiving pace boosts until his pace makes it to 99.

Since it is an Adidas promotion, it might be safe to say that predictions could be easier as you may only have to choose from Adidas sponsored athletes. As you see with the Gio Reyna card, it is a bright design with the Adidas logo placed right on the top of the card for everyone to see.

This promotion is still very new and we are a month away so many questions have yet to be answered.