FIFA 22 Early Access Date Revealed

Courtesy of EA Sports
Courtesy of EA Sports /

FIFA is one of the most popular games released every year, and FIFA 22 will be no different. The full game will release on Oct. 1, but fans who buy the Ultimate Edition will be able to get into the early access, planned to open up for players late on Sept. 27.

FIFA 22 Early Access Date

The pre-order of the Ultimate Edition will give early access to players who choose to buy it, among the other perks that come with the higher price of this version of the game. This early access will give players the ability to get a head start on the competition in FIFA Ultimate Team, or get a few days to figure out all the new changes to the single-player modes.

When the servers for FIFA go live on Sept. 27 for the public, players can already be in the thick of the game by taking a $99.99 size chunk out of their wallets and then spend more as they try to acquire the best cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. For those players who choose not to spend $99.99 on the preorder, the game will open up on its' official release date of Oct. 1.