FIFA 22 Early Access Pack: How to Get

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Early Access pack is now available for players to earn through objectives in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 is currently in Early Access through a special EA Play trial. Players have 10 hours to try the game or get a head start in a new Ultimate Team cycle. The 10-hour trial makes way for an unrestricted early access period for those who bought a special edition of the game. Those on PC even have access to the full game already through EA Play Pro on Origin.

Part of the early access period is a special objective set granting packs for Ultimate Team players.

FIFA 22 Early Access Pack: How to Get

Here's a look at the FIFA 22 Early Access pack and how to get it:

  1. Friendly Fresh Start - Play three matches in Live FUT Friendly: New Beginnings (REWARD: 100 XP, 1x +75 Rated Rare Player Pack)
  2. Co-Op Comrades - Win four Co-Op matches in any FUT game mode (REWARD: 100 XP, 1x Gold Pack)
  3. Fine Finishing - Score a finesse goal in two separate Rivals matches (REWARD: 100 XP, 1x Two Players Pack)
  4. World Class Pack - Assist using midfielders in four separate Squad Battles matches on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (REWARD: 100 XP, 1x Small Electrum Players Pack)
  5. New Recruits - Play four matches in Rivals using a starting squad containing at least three players bought on the transfer market (REWARD: 100 XP, 1x Small Gold Players Pack)

Completing all five objectives will grant players an additional 100 XP and the Early Access pack. The objective set is only available during Early Access so come Oct. 1 it will be gone.