FIFA 22 FUT Birthday: Full List of Swaps Rewards

FUT Birthday FIFA 22
FUT Birthday FIFA 22 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 22's FUT Birthday Promo is officially underway and features the popular token swaps system. There will be 24 FUT Birthday swaps tokens available throughout this year's promo, and there are nine possible rewards to claim using your Swaps tokens.

Here's a list of all the rewards you can get from FUT Birthday Swaps in FIFA 22 starting next week.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday: Full List of Swaps Rewards

The following rewards will be available to claim using the Swaps system in SBCs starting on Friday, Mar. 11, as part of the FUT Birthday Promo.

  • 22 Tokens - FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pick (pick of two players)
  • 17 Tokens - FUT Birthday Ezequiel Ávila 90 OVR
  • 14 Tokens - 86+ x 7 Player Pack
  • 10 Tokens - FUT Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius 89 OVR
  • 10 Tokens - FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack (one FUT Birthday player from Team 1)
  • 8 Tokens - FUT Birthday Cristian Ansaldi 88 OVR
  • 5 Tokens - Ultimate Pack
  • 3 Tokens - 83-90 x 6 Player Pack
  • 2 Tokens - Rare Players Pack

With the amount of star players available in Team 1, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Toni Kroos, some players might want to save their tokens for the packs that guarantee a player from FUT Birthday Team 1. The 86+ x7 pack is also a very solid pack that can get you some top tier players. Let us know which reward you plan on saving for throughout FUT Birthday.