FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Tracker: Full List of Tokens

FUT Birthday FIFA 22
FUT Birthday FIFA 22 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

The FUT Birthday Promotion in FIFA 22 is now live and features the popular token swaps system that features in Icon Swaps, as well as in the Future Stars promo. EA made four tokens available at the beginning of the promo this year and, in total, will release 24 tokens throughout the promo.

Here's the full list of FUT Birthday swap tokens that have been released so far in FUT, as well as which ones are still available. Sahil, or @Criminal__x on Twitter, created a helpful guide for tracking the tokens released during the promotion.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Tracker: Full List of Tokens

Here are all of the tokens that have been released so far in FIFA 22 FUT Birthday, as well as how you attain each one.

  • Token 1 (Isa): Free Gift (Expires Mar. 18)
  • Token 2 (Hu Jinghang): FUT 12 SBC (Expired)
  • Token 3 (Sijaric): Tammy Abraham Objective (Expires Mar. 11)
  • Token 4 (Serpezis): FUT Birthday Rush Objective (Expires Mar. 11)
  • Token 5 (Abdulrazak): FUT 13 SBC (Expired)
  • Token 6 (Davies): FB Tour Milestone (Expires Mar. 18)
  • Token 7 (Taki): FUT 14 SBC (Expired)
  • Token 8 (Sitek): FUT 15 SBC (Expires Mar. 10)
  • Token 9 (Daushvili): UCL Marquee Matchups (Expires Mar. 15)
  • Token 10 (Schmid): Silver Stars Objective (Expires Mar. 16)
  • Token 11 (Arib): FUT 16 SBC (Expires Mar. 12)
  • Token 12 (Prokop): Marquee Matchups (Expires Mar. 17)
  • Token 13 (Nurse): Store Pack (Expires Mar. 18)
  • Token 14 (Diaz Price): Lamela Objective (Expires Mar. 18)
  • Token 15 (Fernandes): FUT Birthday Objective (Expires Mar. 18)
  • Token 16 (Felix): FUT 17 SBC (Expired)
  • Token 17 (Kim Min Jun): Teams Objective (Expired)
  • Token 18 (Popovic): FUT 18 SBC (Expired)
  • Token 19 (Sumiyoshi): FUT 19 SBC (Expired)
  • Token 20 (Nilsen): FUT 20 SBC (Expires Mar. 17)
  • Token 21 (Waidner): UCL Marquee Matchups (Expires Mar. 22)

You can exchange any tokens you obtain in the Swaps tab for FUT Birthday Rewards. There have been 21 released so far, with 3 left to go. Stay tuned as we update this list with all of the remaining tokens as they are released.