FIFA 22 FUT Champions Rewards Post-TOTS Breakdown

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

With the conclusion of FIFA 22's FUT Team of the Season promotion, some familiar changes are on the horizon for FUT Champions rewards.

There is no doubt that TOTS was tops for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team managers, but how will they navigate reality now that the Team of the Season promotion has ended? We listened in to EA Sports' official broadcast of Top Bins Live on June 17, for a deeper understanding.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Rewards Post-TOTS Breakdown

@FUTradster joined the broadcast (around the 28 minute mark) to discuss the launch of FIFA 22's Shapeshifters promotion, as well as clarify the direction of FUT Champions Rewards for the rest of the season.

To summarize their conversation on Twitch, here are a few key things to remember in a post-TOTS universe:

  • FUT Champions will be reverting back to its original schedule: The weekend challenge will Start Friday at 7am and conclude the following Monday at 7am.
  • All league-specific TOTS rewards in both Squad Battles and FUT Champions Finals will now be composed of TOTS players from all of the leagues released so far. In other words, major league-specific rewards will now be composed of EFIGS leagues.

"Four weeks of Shapeshifters fun" returns from FIFA 20, with "a select group of players shifting in position with stat upgrades to match, creating brand new superstars."

Unfortunate as it is that the celebrated TOTS promotional campaign had to end, virtual managers can rest assured that the more things change, the more they stay the same, but with a twist or two thrown in to keep FUT Champions rewards interesting.