FIFA 22 FUTTIES Batch 3 Player Pick: How to Complete

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Batch 3 Player Pick went live Aug. 5 as the latest 'Best of' SBC giving players a repeatable SBC to grind during the next portion of the promotion.

EA Sports has released a FUTTIES Player Pick with each special 'Best of' Batch. This SBC is by far the most expensive of the bunch so far, which makes sense considering the items now available once again in FUT. Though, there's less and less time left in the game cycle with each passing day so the price isn't necessarily justifiable on that end.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Batch 3 Player Pick: How to Complete

Here's how to complete the FUTTIES Batch 3 Player Pick:

  • One Segment
  • Squad Rating: 88
  • Team Chemistry: 30
  • # of Players in the Squad: 11

This is an expensive SBC, there's no way around it. Prices are varying around 120,000 to 130,000 coins to complete, according to FUTBIN, based on your platform of choice. The SBC has an 89% downvote on FUTBIN as well.

Players who are more interested in grinding the FUTTIES Bundesliga Cup should opt for the BL Campaign Bag Player Pick instead which is nearly 50% cheaper and at least gives you players that are viable in that Live FUT Friendly.

Check out the full list of players you can get in this player pick here.