FIFA 22 FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 2 Release Date

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

Here's what we know about the highly anticipated release of FIFA 22's FUTTIES 'Best Of' Batch 2.

FUTTIES Season has arrived. With it, the first batch of the 'Best Of' player cards, which feature 100 player cards from FIFA 22 promotions earlier in the season. With the debut of the 'Best Of' packs entering circulation in FIFA Ultimate Team last Friday, fans are already yearning for more after an eventful weekend of star-powered performance.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 2 Release Date

FUTTIES is unlike any other FIFA promotion for several reasons. The first is due to the fact that virtual managers of FIFA Ultimate Team are able to have their voices heard, voting weekly to determine which players will be up for grabs. The second reason is because of the depth and breadth of the promotion, which comes in a variety of formats. With the end of the season drawing near, EA is absolutely flooding the game with opportunities to pack quality players.

However, in one respect, it shouldn't be too different from other promotions. We know from the EA FUTTIES page that there will be three batches of 'Best Of' packs. If we look to Shapeshifters and TOTS as parallel examples, we should expect a weekly release schedule, just like for those promotions. Along that line of logic, it is likely that we will see 'Best Of' Batch 1 leave packs this Friday, as Batch 2 is released.