FIFA 22 FUTTIES Release Date Leaked for July 15

Promotional Banner of the FIFA 21 FUTTIES Campaign
Promotional Banner of the FIFA 21 FUTTIES Campaign / Image Courtesy of EA Sports

Previous FIFA 22 leaks revealed the return of FUTTIES this July. However, the previously leaked release date for July 8 has been pushed back to July 15, according to leaker FUT Sheriff.

FutSheriff, a reliable leaker of FIFA 22 content this year, has revealed that the FUTTIES promo is being pushed back a week. This news comes alongside the leak of Shapeshifters Team 4, which will now be coming this Friday, July 8.

During FUTTIES, it has also been leaked that the player pick system to vote for FUTTIES nominees to come as SBCs will return. Players will be prompted on login at the beginning of FUTTIES, and each day at 1 p.m ET, to vote for a FUTTIES SBC pick of three players. The first vote, according to FutSheriff, should be based on 5* weak foot players. Cards like Alexander Isak, Wissem Ben-Yedder and Christen Eriksen are potential players for this first FUTTIES vote.

The top two votes of this first player pick will come as an SBC once the vote is tallied up. The first vote set should be revealed at the start of FUTTIES on July 15.

As more leaks for FUTTIES are revealed, we will keep you updated. However, Shapeshifters looks to be the first promo outside of TOTS to last four full weeks.