FIFA 22 Headliners Team 1 Mini-Release: Gnabry, Savanier, Sangare

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 1 mini-release was added to packs on Jan. 2 featuring three new players in the promotional team in packs.

Mini-releases are a new feature of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that started with Ones to Watch. EA Sports pledged to add more players to promotional teams on weekends because of how many notable players made moves during the summer transfer window. That's been carried on to other promotions throughout the year and are a mainstay moving forward.

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 1 Mini-Release: Gnabry, Savanier, Sangare

Here's a look at the three players added to FIFA 22 Headliners Team 1:

  • Serge Gnabry - 88 / RM - Bayern Munich
  • Teji Savanier - 87 / CM - Montpellier
  • Ibrahim Sangare - 86 / CDM - PSV

All three cards look to be top items in the game. The Headliners theme also ensures that they'll be relevant throughout the rest of the year if those players receive performance based upgrades. Headliners items always stay one rating ahead of the latest performance based item (TOTW, MOTM) and can also upgrade one additional time if the player's team wins four consecutive domestic league matches at any point for the rest of the season.

There was an error with this mini-release with EA Sports misrepresenting which players were in packs. In-game messaging showed that Aaron Ramsdale was a Headliners card while social media indicated it was Marcos Acuna. Ramsdale was supposed to be a mini-release card, but EA Sports adjusted that after the error.

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