FIFA 22 January Twitch Prime Pack: When Does it Release?

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports/Prime Gaming

Every month, Prime Gaming gives users who play FIFA 22 Ultimate Team a free Prime Gaming pack with free content, including a high-rated loan player and player pick. The previous Prime Gaming pack was released in mid-December, and the next one is set to arrive soon.

FIFA 22 January Twitch Prime Pack: When Does it Release

According to the Prime Gaming official website, the next Prime Gaming pack is set to drop on Jan. 24. It's unknown what content will feature in this pack, but it's almost guaranteed there will be a high-rated loan card, player pick, and consumables featured in the pack. The player pick would be extremely useful to have during TOTY, when some of the best cards are available in the game. Luckily, the Prime Gaming pack release lines up with the TOTY release week well.

Here's how to claim the pack once it's made available on Jan. 24.

  • Step 1: Head to the link here
  • Step 2: Link your Twitch account
  • Step 3: Link your EA Sports account (Disclaimer: Make sure you link the correct account associated with your FIFA Ultimate Team save)
  • Step 4: Click Claim

Once you've successfully claimed your pack, you should be prompted with an on-screen message when loading into FIFA Ultimate Team on FIFA 22 or the web app.