FIFA 22 Leaker says Bundesliga TOTS Better Than Premier League TOTS

Bundesliga TOTS Nominees
Bundesliga TOTS Nominees / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

The FIFA 22 Bundesliga Team of the Season is scheduled to arrive on May 13, concluding the Premier League TOTS. According to leaks, the upcoming Bundesliga TOTS is going to be even better than the Premier League's, which is an exciting sign for FIFA fans.

According to FutSheriff on Twitter, a credible leaker for FIFA 22 , the new Bundesliga TOTS is looking to be much better than the Premier League TOTS, which already has featured many fantastic cards, including a 97 Mohamad Salah and 96 Sadio Mané. It set a high bar, but apparently this team is going to be even better.

FutSheriff: TOTS Bundesliga Better Than TOTS PL

FutSheriff has likely already seen the Bundesliga TOTS in full via their leaks, so it's safe to say that the Bundesliga TOTS is going to be a great one. One of the cards we've already seen leaked is a 96-rated Jude Bellingham, who appears to be the best midfielder in the game with 90+ ratings in every face stat on his card.

We also expect players such as Robert Lewandowski and Cristopher Nkunku to have high-rated, meta cards as well. While we wait for more cards to leak, the small taste of the Bundesliga TOTS we've had so far is exciting, and Friday might be a great day of FIFA content.