Fifa 22 Ligue 1 TOTS Release Date Revealed

Photo courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 22's Ligue 1 Team of the Season release date has been revealed.

TOTS is one of the most exciting promotions of the year, offering players that will get minutes on Ultimate Teams through the end of the game. With how overpowered Ligue 1 players have been, the Ligue 1 TOTS release date for FIFA 22 has been on everyone's mind.

FIFA 22 Ligue TOTS Release Date

Ligue 1 TOTS for FIFA 22 has been confirmed for May 27th, with players arriving in packs after La Liga TOTS has concluded.

The Ligue 1 TOTS squad will surely carry both attackers and defenders that will make it into your squad through to the release of FIFA 23. Wissam Ben Yedder and Kylian Mbappe are two Ligue 1 strikers that have been outstanding all year long, with numerous special cards to their names as well. Any TOTS card featuring them will be one of the best strikers in the game.

The possibility of TOTS Neymar and Messi cards should be exciting for players who like to use wingers in attack. The French and PSG theme of FIFA 22 in general will likely continue in defense with a potential TOTS defense featuring Marquinhos, with Donnarumma in goal. Players should get ready for Ligue 1 TOTS to reshape the meta, like their special cards have done all year long.