FIFA 22: Mario Icardi Upcoming Flashback SBC Leaked


A new Flashback SBC has been leaked to arrive in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in the coming days, PSG's Mario Icardi.

The leak was delivered online by TrustFutTrader and FUTSheriff on Jan. 13, and according to them, the SBC is coming soon.

According to the leak, the Icardi Flashback would have the following stats and, according to TrustyFutTrader, a possible Skill move upgrade:

  • Pace: 90
  • Shooting: 93
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 90
  • Defending: 45
  • Physical: 85

Icardi would be another strong option for Ligue 1 teams, especially with all of the PSG players we have in FIFA 22 that feature in squads. With perfect links to Numbersup Di Maria and Lionel Messi, you can easily get Mario Icardi on good chemistry if he does get added to FIFA 22 soon.

Icardi's Flashback item would be his first special card in FIFA 22. He did receive a MOTM and Road to the Final card in FIFA 21, but this season he hasn't had any TOTW quality performances in the Ligue 1 or received a non-performance based card.

The leaks of Icardi's Flashback SBC don't feature a date, so it's unknown how "soon" we can expect this card to be added into FUT. A Flashback Gündogan SBC has also been leaked to arrive soon, so we'll see which Flashback releases first.