FIFA 22 Moments Nick Pope Leaked

Nick Pope could be coming soon to a FIFA Ultimate Team roster near you, according to a viral leak by FutSheriff.

FutSheriff has been at the forefront of FIFA Ultimate Team leaks all year long. Newcastle goalkeeper Nick Pope is not the first, and certainly not the last leak we'll likely see from FutSheriff as we enter the final weeks of FIFA 22's life cycle. The special card celebrates his move to Newcastle and is likely to be one of the best goalkeepers available in the Premier League.

FIFA 22 Moments Nick Pope Leaked

This particular leak alleges that the English national team keeper's player card is expected to arrive as a part of FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 2 which will most likely debut today, Sept. 2.

The FIFA 23 Pre-Season promotion is the final promotion of the FIFA 22 season. As its title suggests, the promo allows FUT managers in FIFA 22 to earn rewards in FIFA 23 which will arrive on Sept. 30. It is possible that Pope could be the first addition to many FUT 23 rosters.

Similar to other promotions, gamers earn rewards by completing Player Pick SBCs, objectives and other challenges. Following the pattern of earlier promotions like FUTTIES, Pre-Season Batch 2 is anticipated to be larger than Batch 1.