FIFA 22 Numbers Up Promotion Revealed; Starts Nov. 12

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Numbers Up promotion was revealed after weeks of speculation surrounding an event in partnership with Adidas.

EA Sports previously teased a promotion during an event with a special orange card type and Borussia Dortmund's Giovanni Reyna. Some fans thought it would be called Don't Stop 'Til You're 99, but EA Sports revealed Nov. 10 that it would be called Numbers Up. Fans still remain the dark as to how the promotion will work, but there's a bunch of speculation around it.

Some fans predict that the squad will only feature players sponsored by Adidas. That will more than likely end up being true because it would be odd for say a Nike sponsored athlete to be featured in an Adidas event.

FIFA 22 Numbers Up Promotion Revealed; Starts Nov. 12

EA Sports teased that throughout the season players will receive boosts in statistic categories until they reach 99 in any category.

How those boosts will be handed out remains a mystery. It might act like Ultimate Scream events in the past where upgrades were handed out at different points in the year. Although, with that event 99 stats were the base upgrade and just shifted around at different points.

So far, the only confirmed player is Giovanni Reyna. Players are doing their research to see what Adidas athletes might be featured. Names like Paul Pogba, Paulo Dybala and more have been floated around, but fans will have to wait until Nov. 12 to see which players get included.

Also, fans should expect a second promotional team to be released as well considering every FIFA 22 event has featured two squads.

FIFA 22 Numbers Up kicks off Nov. 12.