FIFA 22 Pack Animation: How to Tell if It's a Walkout

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22's pack animation in Ultimate Team is making the rounds and it's a polarizing feature.

Fans get excited each year for a new pack animation in Ultimate Team. Some were critical of FIFA 22's animation considering it was very long and took a decent amount of time to develop and reveal who you were getting. EA Sports opted for a much quicker animation in FIFA 22 and some are now complaining it is way too quick and bland. Additionally, fans search for clues each year for telling if a player is a walkout or not. A walkout is a player 86 overall or higher.

Twitter user PropheC posted a clip of the pack animation below.

FIFA 22 Pack Animation: How to Tell if It's a Walkout

The animation doesn't lend much initially when it comes to determining if the top card in the pack is a walkout.

In the past, clues such as a dim light on a flair, or a darkened EA Sports logo would show it's a walkout. For now, it seems the only way to tell it's a walkout is the amount of pyro that goes off on the stage when the card is being revealed. There's not much anticipation anymore when it comes to opening packs. This should help for those who like to partake in lightning rounds, but that won't happen until November at the earliest.

Stay tuned as more and more clues are found out regarding the walkout animation in FIFA 22.