FIFA 22 Player Moments Mesut Özil Apparently Leaked

Fenerbahçe v Altay - Turkish Super Lig
Fenerbahçe v Altay - Turkish Super Lig / Seskim Photo/MB Media/GettyImages

A rumored Mesut Özil special card has been leaked to arrive sometime during the upcoming Road to the Final promo in FIFA 22, according to leaker FutSheriff. 

FIFA 22 Player Moments Mesut Özil Apparently Leaked

The card is leaked to be a Player Moments card, potentially celebrating his time at Arsenal or Real Madrid. According to FutSheriff, the card may also have five-star skill moves, and is predicted to be around 88 rated, with a nice pace upgrade compared to his gold card as well.

Özil currently plays for Turkish League club Fernebache, so in terms of league links, he would be tough to fit into a squad. However, he is German, and there are plenty of solid German players to link him to in your squad if the leak is true. Players such as the recently released Thomas Müller POTM SBC, any of Joshua Kimmich's special cards, or even Germans outside of the Bundesliga such as Ilkay Gundogan and Timo Werner are all great options to link a potential Player Moments Özil item if EA chooses to add him to the game.

As mentioned by FutSheriff before, there is no exact leaked release date for this potential Özil card, but it's anticipated to come sometime during the upcoming RTTF promo, which is scheduled to start this Friday.