FIFA 22 Resolution is Reportedly Blurry on Xbox

Image courtesy of EA Sports/FIFA

The resolution for FIFA 22 on Xbox Series S appears to be blurry, but it's being looked into.

Ahead of the full FIFA 22 launch on Oct. 1, players have been reporting poor resolution for the Xbox Series S version of the game. Multiple instanced have been raised across various forums, including EA's own technical forum. One post, logged by user 'JoeH-87', said that they had experienced "jagged edges" and "blurry" movement.

"The scaling on Series S is horrendous, jaggered edges, looks like <720p scaled up to 1080p/1440p. Not sure if it's my monitor but it's also very blurry when movement happens at speed. It's horrendous to play and hurts my eyes."

At the time of writing, 142 other EA forum users have also experienced similar issues. User 'itsGriese' said "I can confirm this. Same issue since FIFA 21. Tried several monitors, same problem..."

A Reddit post, by user SnooRobots405, also highlighted the issue. "The gameplay graphics are a complete joke. The pitch, the players, the ball, everything is so pixelated and grainy, it legit makes my eyes bleed." The post went on to say that the user looked into it further and "found many posts about it from FIFA 21," suggesting that it's perhaps an issue that EA have been previously aware of.

FIFA 22 Resolution is Reportedly Blurry on Xbox

This news might come as a bit of a worry to players who are looking to purchase the game on Xbox Series S. The console is supposed to be a more cost effective way for players to enjoy next-gen content, and with the price of games rising in recent years, purchasing the latest releases can feel like a bit of a money drainer. So, when reports such as this surface, it's hard not to feel like day one purchases have become a bit of a gamble. At the very least though, players hope for a smooth experience.

Fortunately, it seems as though the complaints haven't been neglected. In response to the post on EA's forums, Community Manager 'EA_Aljo' said "we're still investigating this issue and will provide an update as soon as we have one. It's most definitely not being ignored. We're trying to get this resolved as quickly as we can."

As of yet, it seems the issue has not been resolved but fans can take comfort in knowing that EA are committed to fixing this as soon as they can.