FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts Team 2 Release Date

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA's newest promotion has been out for almost a week as fans get ready for the second team to be released into the game.

While some fans have been a little disappointed with the first team, their is still hope to see some new and exciting names in the second squad.

FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts Team 2 Release Date

In the tweet above, EASPORTSFIFA gives more information on things such as Road to the Knockouts and live tuning gameplay changes.

Road to the Knockouts team one was released on Oct.15. Presumably, we should see the second squad released this week on Oct. 22.

Some fans made their voices clear about how they did not enjoy the first squad because it featured some players who we saw receive similar cards last FIFA season.

Although the cards are amazing, people such as Marquinhos and Andre from Lille did receive similar style upgrades around the same time in FIFA 21.

For EA Sports to change opinions, releasing a team with fresh and fun faces would be ideal.

The next question has been about whether or not we will be seeing a Halloween promo as the time is ticking down until the holiday at the end of October.