FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts: What to Expect

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts was revealed by EA Sports confirming a brand new Ultimate Team promotion coming Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. ET.

EA Sports and UEFA have had a working relationship bringing sponsored Champions League and Europa League content to Ultimate Team for the past few years. Those partnered content drops include items like Champions League cards in packs year-round, special promotions like Road to the Final, Team of the Group Stage, and more.

Road to the Knockouts seems to be a new promotion and fans are unsure what to expect from EA Sports this time around. Most were expecting Rulebreakers to be the next promotion, but EA Sports had other things planned.

Here's what you can probably expect from Road to the Knockouts when it launches.

FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts: What to Expect

EA Sports has done multiple promotions around the Champions League and Europa League in the past. A common theory is that Road to the Knockouts is just a renamed Road to the Final promotion. But, it would be strange for EA Sports to release another event centered around live items.

Ones to Watch, the first promotion of the year, just ended and is built on live items that upgrade throughout the year when players receive performance-based items. Road to the Final is also centered around live items, but those items upgrade based on how far the player's team goes in whatever competition they are in.

Some also think that this might just be a renamed Team of the Group Stage promotion, but that's unlikely considering there have only been two matches of Champions and Europa League games played so far.

The likely result is that EA Sports either renamed Road to the Final for this year and is doing live items again, or this is a reworked version of something like What If from FIFA 21. What If was predicated on a one-time upgrade if a player's team won enough games in a timeframe. Perhaps that's how this promotion will work centered around the group stages. That scenario does leave out the idea of further progressing throughout the knockout stages of both tournaments, but maybe EA Sports has something else planned for that.

FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts starts Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. ET.