FIFA 22 RTTK: Price Ranges Bugged Following Upgrades

FC Internazionale v SSC Napoli - Serie A
FC Internazionale v SSC Napoli - Serie A / Giuseppe Cottini/GettyImages

For a short time yesterday, you were able to snag a Road to the Knockouts Ryan Gravenberch, who is guaranteed to be upgraded to an 86 and is one of the best all-around midfielders in FIFA 22, for less than 16,000 coins.

EA Sports made a mistake yesterday with price ranges on two RTTK cards in FIFA 22, Ryan Gravenberch and Arturo Vidal. When upgrading their items for Inter and Ajax winning three games in their Champions League Group, they accidentally fixed their price ranges at normal gold card prices. Therefore, some of the upgraded cards were listed with a maximum buy-now listing of 15,000 coins for Gravenberch, and 16,000 coins for Vidal.

This caused both of the cards to temporarily be extinct, with players not being able to get the full value of their cards on the transfer market to sell. For players like the one from twitter above, if they had these cards on their trade pile unknowingly, and they relisted all items on their transfer list, they would be listing these cards for the price of gold cards instead of special cards, and lose out on thousands of coins.

Ryan Gravenberch was even listed for 650 coins minimum bid in some cases, as if it was a standard gold card. While some were able to snipe these cheaper cards on the transfer market and get good players for cheap and sell them on later, this was detrimental to players who were holding onto the cards to sell after the knockout stage upgrades.

EA shortly fixed the error after it was leaked, but not before the market saw hundreds of these cards go on sale for the gold prices. They have not commented on the error, even though many people tweeted their frustrations with the price range bug.

Other RTTK cards upgraded in FIFA 22 include Andrew Robertson, Bernardo Silva, and Leroy Sane. See all of the current upgraded cards here. We'll see additional upgrades to Vidal and Gravenberch likely sometime next week.